• Coordinate measuring equipment
  • Machine and instrumentation capabilities
  • Complaint management

Our services:

On the strength of our experience in the automotive sector, we can provide quality assurance services that are also available to our customers:

  • Tactile 3D coordinate measuring systems for determining dimensional and geometrical deviations on your products, and documentation of the findings.
  • Tactile 3D coordinate measuring systems for measuring gear teeth, and documentation of the findings.
  • Contours captured and output to DXF or IGES.
  • Measurement programs (Zeiss Calypso / Mitutoyo MCOSMOS) generated for your measuring machines.
  • Contour instrumentation for undercuts and chamfers.
  • Determination of surface roughnesses.
  • Dimensional tests on the first articles of your products, and their documentation.
  • Machine capability analyses for optimising your production processes.
  • Methodical complaints handling.


  • Access to state of the art coordinate measuring equipment,
  • Advice from competent personnel,
  • Outsourcing for the circumvention of bottlenecks,
  • Utilising our capacities reduces personnel costs.