• Individual fixtures
  • Subassemblies ready for installation


Most of our production processes terminate at assembly.

Yet if you wish, we can also assemble mechanical parts into components in our own assembly facilities, if necessary purchasing from competent partners any replacement parts, assembly accessories, and small parts.

When producing single components for subassemblies, we achieve a high standard of quality thanks to our continuous inspection.

If you wish, delivery can include an initial sample inspection report (ISIR).


  • Many years of experience embodied by our personnel and competent partners,
  • Partial and full assembly of mechanical subassemblies,
  • Assembly of individual parts / prototypes into subassemblies,
  • Assembly of small runs,
  • Acquisition of all additional standardised and purchase parts and external services,
  • Function tests and documentation,
  • Dismantling and upgrading of subassemblies and individual parts,
  • Logistics to customers.


  • Mechanical joining processese,
  • Riveting processes under press forces up to 100 kN,
  • Bonding of components,
  • Monitored bolting processes,
  • Balancing of rotationally symmetrical subassemblies following assembly.