Material: steel

  • General structural steel
  • Quenching and tempering steel
  • Tool steel


In the quenching and tempering steel fields, we specialise in the working of bar stock, e.g. sawn sections, and forged parts, primarily of:

  • C10,
  • C45E+N,
  • 42CrMoV4,
  • 16MnCr5,
  • C45+QT.

Tool steel is generally worked from precision steel flats, precision sheets, or rounds, e.g.:

  • 90MnCrV8,
  • X153CrMoV12,
  • X130WMoCrV6-5-4-3.


  • We have decades of experience in the machining of bar stock and forged parts of quenched and tempered steel.
  • We specialise in support over the entire process, from the design of the forged parts to tool retraction to series production.
  • Any fixtures and test equipment are designed on our premises, and many of them we manufacture ourselves.


  • Component sizes approx 40–350 mm outer diameter,
  • Components up to 2.000 mm in length possible,
  • Components up to 20 kg possible,
  • Surfaces (turned) from Rz3.2,
  • Tolerances (turned) from IT7.