Material: cast iron alloys

  • Cast steel
  • Grey cast iron
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Our core expertise we gained in recent years above all in the automotive parts industries. Our strength lies primarily in the working of a wide range of rotationally symmetrical cast blanks, e.g. for powertrains.


  • We have many years of experience in the turning, drilling, milling, and balancing of cast blanks of GG25/GJL250/GJS600.
  • We specialise in support over the entire process, from the design of the blanks to tool retraction to series production.
  • Any fixtures and test equipment are designed on our premises, and many of them we manufacture ourselves.
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  • Component sizes approx 100–500 mm outer diameter,
  • Components up to 50 kg possible,
  • Surfaces from Rz25,
  • Tolerances from IT8,
  • Dry and coolant/lubricant machining possible.