About us

FZT Kaltennordheim GmbH

In these times of major economic transformation, FZT Kaltennordheim GmbH sees itself as a company embodying a number of charming contrasts. First blooded in 2019, it can hardly be expected to offer over fifty years of technical expertise. Yet it does – thanks to our history!

Evolving out of an SME, our coworkers embody many years of experience in:

  • metalworking, tempering, and surface finishing and,
  • complementary services with additional purchase parts of other materials,

for fully functional products, specifically for brake assemblies and powertrains.

This expertise has found its perfect complement in the systems, procedures, methods, and optimisations gained from two decades of affiliation with the Schaeffler Group, ranking among the most renowned of parts suppliers.

The products from the hands of our coworkers were and are appreciated by a great many market leaders and end users and have become established all over the world.

In the midst of shedding previous habits, we are presenting our special strengths “Flexibility”, “Reliability” and “To schedule” to meet openly new challenges, new markets, and new partners for the leading technologies of the future. We therefore take it as our natural, inborn obligation to apply and expand on all of the skills we have learned.

Not only our passion, our lifeblood, and our yearlong expertise coupled with the dynamics of our recent setup, but also our central location in Germany and Europe is to contribute an additional boost to our business dealings.

We are very much looking forward to new contacts, new challenges, and fresh experience, and to our future collaboration with you!